About Us

The Brazilian Foreign Trade Association, https://www.aeb.org.br/, entity’s activities oriented by the values of ethics and moral throughout 50 years and in accordance with the efforts of the Judicary system in seeking social pacification of controversies, focusing on private demands in the brazilian international trade area, aligns itself with the National Council of Justice in order to minimize legal confrontations, as well as financial, emotional and time costs brought upon the parts involved in court-related processes.

Along with these objectives, AEB Mediation Center on International Trade is born, specialized in the resolution of internal and extrajudicial disputes, based and organized in the own entity’s ambience and with the technical staff of Mediators specialized in the brazilian international trade area (https://www.aeb.org.br/caaeb/).

The AEB Mediation Center on International Trade has the specific purpose directed to advising its associates and non associates in seeking solutions to disputes through autocompositive methods, as observed in Brazilian Legislation, in addition to the responsability when managing costs of qualification courses on mediation to professionals dedicated to the international trade field, and also international trade knowledge to mediators already qualified and mediation in the international trade to professionals linked to non related areas.